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April 1, 2001 is the big day: Angelo, Maite, Paddy, Barby, Joey, Jimmy and Patricia are off to the studio in the South of France. To have a good choice of possible songs, they spend the first few weeks brainstorming. Each comes up with his or her own song ideas, and they keep jamming to work out new ideas and arrangements.
After five weeks of intensive studio work, in which the first few recordings are made, the Kellys go on tour. Touring Holland and Belgium, they present some of their new songs for the first time, to get audience reaction.
Back in Cologne, work proceeds with new impetus: one recording after another is made in various studios. Finally the draft songs are reduced to a short list of 30. The musical family takes a short break to celebrate the birth of Gabriel, Angelo's son. After the baby has settled into his new environment, work goes straight on: the chosen songs are worked on some more, and the Kellys settle on 18 songs which will be fully produced.
For the final version of the CD, the family travels to Belgium. The final mix for the album is to be made in the Galaxy Studios there. The Kellys get help for it from the well-known mixer Ronald Prent. (Rammstein, Paul McCartney, Elton John and Police)
From April to mid-February, the Kellys have spent over 120 days in the studio. They work together on their main recordings, with all seven brothers and sisters helping out. For special sessions, such as guitar solos, Paddy and Angelo take charge and work with individual family members. Division of responsibilities on "La Patata" generally means the songwriter sings the song. Not all the songs recorded at the time are on the album, so there will be bonus tracks on singles etc.
Asked where the name "La Patata" came from, Angelo replies: "'La Patata' is a small Spanish restaurant in Cologne, where we have often met privately. Specially in times when we weren't sure what our future was, or when we were celebrating things like my engagement to Kira and Patricia's engagement with Denis, 'La Patata' was the ideal place to meet."
The cover photos for the new album "La Patata" were taken in front of the restaurant that gave the album its name. In Germany, the CD will be available from mid-April, and the fastest way to get the exact date will be to look for it here.